Sell ZeroStack Based Private/Hybrid Cloud with RackNap's Automation

RackNap helps you provision and deliver hybrid and private cloud services built upon ZeroStack's self-driving cloud technology, with end-to-end automation.

  • Simplify operations and maximize profitability with complete orchestration and management of cloud.
  • Create plans with customizable billing cycles, tax structure and pricing models.
  • From deployment to selling, RackNap helps you at every stage of your cloud business.

Address Your Cloud Business Challenges with RackNap

Challenges faced by Service Providers
  • Inability to help customers simplify operations with cost optimization and IT acceleration.
  • Inability to record customer issues and provide solutions in real time.
  • Using different software to manage different business operations – sales, marketing, support, billing etc.
  • Lack of a central control and automation system.
How can RackNap help?
  • Not just deployment, RackNap helps your customer track their resource usage as well.
  • Customer support module helps you tackle customer issues in real time.
  • A single software with multiple capabilities – your one stop destination for cloud business management.
  • Admin panel to help you keep track of all your and customers' services.

Modern Cloud Management Software with Capabilities Unimaginable!

Sell Private and/or Hybrid Cloud Solutions with complete automation

Sell Private and/or Hybrid Cloud Solutions with complete automation

  • With RackNap, sell ZeroStack based Private and/or Hybrid cloud with complete service orchestration, customer management and cloud billing.
  • Cloud billing management gives you complete control – use any billing cycle like hourly, quarterly, yearly etc. and any model – pre or postpaid.
  • System automatically generates invoices at the end of a billing cycle with complete transparency, so your customers know what they are billed for.
  • With RackNap, you can sell traditional services along with the present-age cloud solutions.
  • Its deep integration with ZeroStack API means you don't need to worry about technicalities.

Power in the hands of system administrators

  • You get an admin panel to manage cloud and other services purchased by your customers.
  • Through the admin panel you can view client summary, order services on client's behalf, manage service add-ons and perform many other tasks.
  • You can also manage client communication from the admin panel – notification emails, alert emails, welcome emails, announcements etc.
  • You can create, suspend or unsuspend virtual machines (VMs) from within the client panel in a single click.
  • You can view and keep a track on client's resource usage rate and consumption.
Power in the hands of system administrators
Empower your customers with a self-service customer panel

Empower your customers with a self-service customer panel

  • RackNap gives a self-service customer panel to help your customers manage their services with you, with complete visibility.
  • Customers can view their cloud details at one place.
  • The customer can view his resource usage – VMs, bandwidth and storage on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.
  • He can place orders, raise support tickets etc. from within his panel.
  • He can quickly see announcements and maintenance notices in support.

In addition to private cloud, configure and sell all your traditional services seamlessly with RackNap.