RackNap for Selling Web Hosting with Any Control Panel

RackNap empowers you to sell and manage all web hosting services along with any control panel, like Plesk or cPanel. It also empowers you to sell cloud and other services with traditional hosting services, while automating all business operations.

  • Automate provisioning of any hosting service.
  • Customer access to hosting control panel via single sign-on from his customer panel.
  • Suspend, terminate and un-suspend hosting services with complete automation.
Plesk Oynx cPanel

Business Automation Platform for Web Hosting Provider

You need automation to sell domain names, web hosting services along with modern cloud services to your customers. RackNap is a complete web hosting management software that helps you to sell and manage all web hosting services along with any control panel, from a single platform.
Sell all at one place

Sell shared, VPS, dedicated server, WordPress hosting and more services with different control panels to help your customers manage their hosting services successfully.

Integrate as needed

RackNap enables complete automation for provisioning of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. This reduces manual intervention and fast tracks the provisioning process.

Why RackNap?

One platform that can enable you to sell whatever you can think of, with web hosting!

Sell Any Control Panel, Any Hosting Service with RackNap!

Sell web hosting, powered by control panel

Sell web hosting, powered by control panel

  • RackNap is completely integrated with and supports Plesk, cPanel, Website Panel, at present, and has the capability to support any other control panel of your choice.
  • RackNap is highly modular and flexible, and allows you to offer shared hosting, VPS, and more hosting services with different control panels, all from a single interface.
  • Apart from shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, Plesk Onyx is integrated with RackNap to support all cloud platforms – Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Google.

Auto-installation and termination of control panel license

  • With RackNap's integration with control panel API, it's license key can be set to get automatically provisioned along with a cloud service.
  • It can also be set to auto-terminate with cloud service termination, to save time and efforts of your technical team.
  • Auto-installation of control panel not only saves time and effort of your technical team, but, also eliminates the possibility of human errors.
  • This helps you prevent any excess payment to the control panel provider, in case control panel's termination gets delayed by any reason, whatsoever.
  • Automatedly send a consolidated mail for intimating customer with control panel credentials and hosting service details as soon as the order provisioning is done.
Auto-installation and termination of control panel license
Self-service customer panel for simplifying support

Self-service customer panel for simplifying support

  • RackNap's simple to use customer panel helps customers manage their relationship with you, while getting self-help options for quick issue resolution.
  • Customer gets to see all his hosting service details along with control panel information at one place.
  • He gets quick access to billing information – ledgers, orders, invoices, receipts and more.
  • He gets quick links to place orders, renew domains, add funds, raise support tickets, directly from his panel.
  • He can see announcements and maintenance notices in support.
  • He can manage his profile and create sub users directly from here.

Support process management for web hosting customers

  • Intelligent tracking of customer communication across all channels – mails, SMSs etc.
  • Automatic ticket assignment with automatic escalations per set parameters, to meet SLA.
  • Intelligent, real -time support management with mail and call routing to available CSR.
  • Complete visibility into client details and services to CSR for providing better support.
  • Ticket rating mechanism to collect feedback for support.
  • Pre-designed templates for announcements and welcome/renewal mails for sending timely notifications to the customer.
Support process management
Hosting inventory repository management and tracking

Hosting inventory repository management and tracking

  • RackNap, the web hosting inventory management tool, gives you complete visibility and control over your hosting infrastructure located anywhere in the world.
  • It shows real-time data in graphical dashboards and makes it easy to manage your cloud and hosting inventory, and assets.
  • Proper categorization of hardware and software along with their vendor information, serial number and all other details.
  • Real time data acquisition from datacenter to keep all records updated.
  • Supports both IPV4 & IPV6, along with complete management of VLAN.
  • Ability to set triggers for renewals when inventory is about to go out of stock.
  • Makes proactive analysis for future infrastructure and inventory needs.

Management and automation of hosting sales and marketing processes

  • Complete automation of marketing processes- configuring brand settings, adding promotions and discounts, setting notifications, testimonials and more.
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing.
  • Smart revenue forecasting for better strategizing.
  • Comprehensive partner relationship management, including channel partnerships.
  • Lead assignment as per set parameters.
  • Real time visibility into order status, lead and potential status.
  • Automation of complete renewal data, including periodic reminders and notifications.
  • Functionalities to assign roles, set targets and incentives for the sales team.
  • Automated retroactive commission calculation.
Management and automation of hosting
Web hosting billing automation

Web hosting billing automation tool for easy billing management

  • Supports multiple hosting billing models – recurring, non-recurring, pre-paid, post-paid, free, one-time, pay-per-use or contract based.
  • Automated invoice generation as per billing cycle- monthly, quarterly, yearly and so on.
  • Billing management of all hosting products and services – dedicated servers, VPS, hosting and domains.
  • Ability to manage multiple payment systems, taxation levels, invoices, and quotations.
  • Enables automatic upgradation of resources at a single click.

In addition to hosting services, configure and sell new-age cloud services seamlessly with RackNap.