RackNap for VPS Providers

RackNap is integrated with leading virtualization platform Virtuozzo and empowers you to sell virtual private servers (VPS) or virtual machines (VMs) with automation for.

  • VPS/VM provisioning
  • Billing and pricing management
  • Customer support management
  • Customer self-service panel

Business Automation Platform for VPS Providers

You need automation to deliver, configure and manage virtual machines quickly to your customers. RackNap, a complete web hosting management software, helps you with that and on top of that, enables you to sell and manage all your other products and services, along with it.
Sell all at one place

Sell VPS, cloud solutions, backup, email and more to establish your business successfully.

Integrate as needed

With RackNap, an all-encompassing platform, integrate software of your choice.

Why RackNap?

One platform that can enable you to sell whatever you can think of, with VMs!

Not One Size Fits All Platform – RackNap Integrates!

The intelligent approach to selling VPS

The intelligent approach to selling VPS

  • RackNap empowers you to create and sell VPS based on Virtuozzo technology.
  • Deliver VPS automatically on pre-paid or pay per use (post-paid) resource consumption models.
  • Create pre-set VPS plans for your customers on pre-paid resource consumption model, with bandwidth as the only flexible constituent.
  • Provide your post-paid customers the flexibility to choose and configure services, directly from the portal they get with their service subscription.
  • Give flexibility and freedom to the customer to configure and use services as needed, from the service portal.
  • As per the billing period, RackNap fetches and calculates the resource usage consumption details automatically, generating invoices, as per the price set by you.
  • Manage VPS post-sale in a hassle-free manner. RackNap automatically suspends, unsuspends and terminates VPS as per the payment status of the customer.

Flexibility and self-service for the customers

  • RackNap's simple to use customer panel helps customers manage their relationship with you, while getting self-help options for quick issue resolution.
  • Customer gets to see all his VPS service details – order, billing and support related information at one place.
  • VPS customers on pre-paid model get the flexibility to start, stop, restart and pause their VMs from within their customer panel.
  • Postpaid customers get the flexibility to operate VM as needed and shut down its operations, when not needed, to optimize their costs.
  • Customers get to see their resource consumption in real-time.
  • In case of Virtuozzo as the underlying technology, RackNap empowers your customers to:
    • Upgrade RAM directly from their customer panels.
    • Create and access VM backup directly from their customer panels.
    • They can also restore the VM directly from their customer panel.
Flexibility and self-service for the customers
Control in the hands of system administrators

Control in the hands of system administrators

  • You get an admin panel to manage all VMs purchased by your clients.
  • View all the details about VPS order, monitoring status, support level, control panel, software, hardware, backup, IP addresses, data center details and more at one place.
  • You can send notifications, announcements, welcome mails from pre-defined communication templates, directly from the admin panel.
  • Administrators can also start, stop, restart and pause a customer's VM from within their administrator panel.
  • In addition, they can create, suspend, unsuspend and terminate a customer's VPS, as per the payment status.

Check out what more RackNap can do for VPS hosting providers!

In addition to VPS, configure and sell cloud and other hosting services seamlessly with RackNap.