RackNap for Selling Website Security Services

RackNap empowers sellers of website security services, like SiteLock to provision, deliver and bill such services with complete automation.

  • Automate provisioning and delivery of SiteLock, following order placement.
  • Automatically create and activate SiteLock plans for individual sale or sell along with your hosting products.
  • Client gets to view all his service details, with the options to renew and change/upgrade his billing cycle.
  • Remotely install, update, and manage SiteLock website security from the admin panel.

Sell Website Security Services with Automation

With an increase in the rate of cybercrime, website security services are gaining momentum as customers are getting more aware of the need to protect their websites to safeguard their identities and reputation. This presents a huge opportunity for you.
Either sell website security software like SiteLock as a standalone service or sell it clubbed with your hosting and cloud services. RackNap provides end-to-end automation and empowers you to sell SiteLock quickly and conveniently.
Sell all at one place
Sell SiteLock with your traditional services

Sell website security software along with your traditional services, to better your revenue.

Integrate as needed
Integrate as needed

With RackNap, an all-encompassing platform, integrate software of your choice.

Why RackNap?
Why RackNap?

One platform that can enable you to sell whatever you can think of, with SiteLock!

Sell SiteLock with Automation

The modern approach to selling website security software

The modern approach to selling website security software

  • Completely automated SiteLock issuance, provisioning and installation.
  • Automate complete customer lifecycle and manage sales, billing, delivery and support, from a single panel.
  • Sell your traditional services with SiteLock and create customized solutions, with billing automation.
  • Integrate upsells and promotions of SiteLock in hosting services, while purchase and checkouts.

Flexibility and self-service for the customers

  • RackNap's simple to use customer panel helps customers manage their relationship with you, while getting self-help options for quick issue resolution.
  • Customer gets to see all his SiteLock service details – registration date, payment due date, invoice, receipt and other information at one place.
  • Your customer can renew service and change/upgrade his billing cycle.
  • He gets quick links to place orders, add funds and raise support tickets, directly from his panel.
  • He can see announcements and maintenance notices in support.
  • He can manage his profile and create sub users directly from here.
Flexibility and self-service for the customers
Control in the hands of system administrators

Control in the hands of system administrators

  • You get an admin panel to manage the services purchased by your clients.
  • View all the details about SiteLock orders, invoices, add-ons, renewal details and more.
  • You can send notifications, announcements, welcome mails from pre-defined communication templates, directly from the admin panel.
  • You can get the status of service from within the administrator panel.
  • In addition, you can also suspend service, cancel whole order, a part of the order and/or move the service i.e. transfer ownership to another client.

Check out what more RackNap can do for selling Web Security services!

In addition to SiteLock, configure and sell hosting, cloud and more services seamlessly, with RackNap.