RackNap for Independent Software
Vendors (ISVs)/SaaS Providers

Deliver and manage your software applications for consumers or enterprises from a single panel. RackNap provides everything you need to manage all aspects of your Software as a Service (SaaS) business – delivery, provisioning, billing, support and real-time analytics.

Extend Your Reach, Showcase
Your Software Globally

Hosting Support System

Effortlessly sell your software/
SaaS applications

RackNap offers essential features that help SaaS providers / ISVs manage their apps business from all aspects – billing, distribution along with real-time data insights.

Ultimate cloud billing engine for selling any software or SaaS application

RackNap knows the billing pains that ISVs and SaaS providers face and how to effectively solve them. With RackNap, you can enjoy peace of mind with very powerful billing features and capabilities.

  • Offers pricing flexibility via multiple pricing options. Easily bills and provisions software and apps, based on the defined billing (one-time, recurring, pay-per-use).
  • Flexible cloud billing options – in-depth invoices, receivables, POS and quotes.
  • Detailed reports of all expenses, activities and delivery schedules, including analysis.
  • Supports multiple taxation models, including multi-state, multi-region, and capability for defining custom tax models.
  • Offers different payment gateways to make buying easier for your customers.

Supports 1 and 2-tier partner channels for software distribution

RackNap supports creation of multi-tier partner networks for creating a strong network of distribution channels through distributors and resellers.

  • Create 1-tier and multi-tier (2-tier) partner networks.
  • Define discount/commission slab for partner for each product.
  • Assign special discounts or commissions and privileges to partners.
  • Extract and evaluate partner performance by applying various filters and parameters.

Customizable marketplace to sell and market SaaS apps/software

RackNap offers a customizable and dynamic marketplace that gives ISVs the freedom to sell software on any pricing model of their choice.

  • Sell your SaaS applications or any software from your own marketplace that's SEO-friendly, customizable and integrated with RackNap.
  • Choose from multiple payment modes, payment gateways and base currencies.
  • Multi-level, flexible and configurable taxation support to apply taxes the way you want, to follow the compliances.
  • Control the pricing and plan configurations of your software or SaaS apps from RackNap and update them at the click of a button with complete automation.
  • Create and sell bundled product configurations (ex. Your software + cloud solutions) and also set custom discounts when multiple products are purchased together.

Real-time reporting and analysis on simple graphical dashboards

RackNap analyses your complete organizational data and presents it to you in simplified graphical formats at the click of a button.

  • RackNap extracts insights from all the data flowing in from a multitude of sources and blends it with your internal data to generate insights about performance of your software/SaaS application.
  • Get visibility into sales generated via partners with complete information about new sign-ups, revenue obtained, commission given, traffic and more.
  • Get to know top recurring issues to understand areas that need to be worked upon.
  • Complete information is available in the form of tables and illustrations, graphs and pie charts.

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